We specialize in the design, installation, and expert maintenance of interior tropical plants. Our Designers work with you to decorate and optimize your space through perfectly paired displays. Our team of experts have a passion for plants and the design process. Frequent visits by a passionate service specialist will keep your displays healthy and vibrant.


Your plants are covered by our service guarantee and replaced at no cost to you should they decline in appearance. We take the time to understand the needs and maintenance of the plant varieties that we recommend and implement for our clients. Our service specialists are experts in providing quality care to your plants. If you currently have plants that need some love, we would be happy to stop by to give you an assessment and a quote for service.


Studies have indicated that indoor and outdoor living plants create a greatly improved work environment that makes employees feel happier and customers feel more comfortable. The air we breathe, our mood, our productivity, and our stress can be linked to the plants that surround us. By providing plants to employees and customers, your business is providing an essential life force that fuels our existence. Living plants in the workplace means happier people with better productivity, which improves your bottom line.

Natural Air Filtration

Plants provide improved indoor and outdoor air quality. Because of confined spaces, indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air. Each individual in your workplace consumes around 5 liters of oxygen a minute. NASA has claimed that because plants release oxygen, they are able to remove up to 87% of indoor air toxins in 24 hours, creating cleaner, healthier air for everyone.

Reduce Carbon Dioxide

When humans respirate we produce carbon dioxide as a byproduct. Plants consume carbon dioxide in the same way that humans consume oxygen. By having live plants in your office, you are helping the plants survive by providing them with carbon dioxide. By the same token, plants scrub the air of carbon dioxide and provide us with clean oxygen. In addition, plants create positive changes to the brain’s electrical activity, muscle tension, and heart activity, which leads to a more relaxed workplace