Office Plant Specialists & Fresh Floral Arrangements

We can add exotic tropical flowering plant rotations to your plantscape to bring in some exciting color.  These include various types of bromeliad, tillandsia, orchids, and anthuriums.

Office Plant Specialists

Fresh Floral Arrangement

Custom Moss Wall Design

Each and every one of our moss walls is custom designed and is carefully constructed by our very talented team. The high-quality moss we source is preserved, and available in a wide variety of colors and textures that can be mixed to create a unique piece

Custom Moss Wall

Bio Montage Moss

Custom Branded Moss

Living Wall Experts

Living Walls or green walls contain live plants that are installed in vertical planters with foliage carefully arranged to compliment the look and feel of the area.  We select plants that are appropriate for the lighting and great at adding fullness, color, and texture.

Festive Holiday Decor

The fun has no limit and our customers are always excited to see what we come up with next!  Contact us today to get a quote.  It’s never too early to let us get a head start on your special design.