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​All plants have the ability to remove toxins like formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide, from the air and add clean oxygen for us to breath.  While breathing easier, you can experience less stress and a far less chance of getting a cold. 

​Tests have even shown that adding enough plants to an office can increase productivity by 12% and increase moral by 14%!

Exterior container gardening is fun!   Assorted containers and plants can freshen up an exterior balcony or patio and make it a relaxing space.


Creative Plant Design Inc. is a locally owned interior landscape company.  We strive to ensure that our clients are happy, that we are easy to do business with, and that we can be proud of our work. Our creative sales and design team will provide a design option that fits within your budget and supports your brand by incorporating your vision, colors, esthetic, and lighting.  Check out our fresh floral designs!    Design service is complementary.   

Our trained plant technicians will visit your building in uniform, ready to greet you with a smile and tend to your plants so you will have one less thing on your to do list!   Your plants are covered by our service guarantee and replaced at no cost to you should they decline in appearance.

We have a full time service manager that visits frequently to complete a quality control check and make sure your plants are up to our high standard.