Moss Walls and modern art pieces

Living walls

Our Year Round Services -- Indoor landscaping, Moss walls, holiday decor

Silicon Valley's Office Space can sometimes be limited. There is always space for plant life. We can go vertical! We provide several varieties of living walls. Whether it is an entire wall or a small portion of a wall. We can make it happen.  

Are you looking for a wow factor for your reception area or conference room? A moss wall could be just what you need. We offer several colors and options for our moss art. We can also incorporate replica plants or branches into the piece as well. 

We have access to a wide range of interior plants and modern containers. Our Sales and Design staff will visit your office space and help provide options that stay within your budget while still achieving your vision. 

Silk or replica plants 

Interior landscape design

Our horticultural staff hand selects our inventory of replica plants so we can have the most realistic product on the market. We want all of our clients to have the opportunity to enjoy the aesthetics of plant material.