If you're feeling festive we can bring that extra warmth and "WOW" to your celebration! Our designs, as always are creative and perfectly tailored to the wishes of each customer. 

For that big impact of green space we can install the vertical plant garden of your dreams! Our structural design and plant technicians will make it possible to maintain the beauty of such a statement piece. 

Custom Moss Wall designs

our Services-- interior landscape design

Festive Holiday Decor

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Each and every one of our moss walls are carefully constructed and customly  designed by our very talented team. The high quality moss we source will stay gorgeously preserved will ​no regular maintenance.

Excellent customer service and unique designs is what we provide with our plant service. We add that much needed touch of "life" to any space! 

Living Wall EXperts

We offer the highest quality and widest variety of both living interior and replica plants.  Designs are available for purchase or long-term rental with competitive pricing.  Our sales team will come to you, carefully consider your needs and wants and come up with a design that makes sense for your specific space.  Contact us today to inquire how we can help bring your building alive!  

Office Plant SPecialists​/fresh floral